Semenax side effects have not been revealed in 89% of men

Semenax - is the best-selling drug in the world, responsible for the amount and quality of male sperm. The magic remedy contains more than 17 components, responsible for sperm quality, its quantity, orgasms brightness and sexual arousal in men. Semenax has a patented formula that has been clinically proven, that the ingredients actually increase the number and quality of sperm, restore potency, increase orgasms. Besides, Semenax side effects are rare and mild.

The benefits and action of Semenax:

  1. increasing the number of sperm to 500%;
  2. more persistent erection;
  3. long ejaculation;
  4. long and bright orgasm;
  5. improving the quality and quantity of sperm;
  6. improving reproductive abilities.

You will feel the difference after the first intake and full effect after one week of intake.

In the adult industry, it is not a secret that porn stars use this product in order to come more. In addition to a huge number of stars, that use this product, thousands of men, using this formula to improve their capabilities.

A lot of people are wonder how to increase the amount of semen and avoid Semenax side effects.

Increasing the amount of semen with this remedy you will also increase orgasm three times more and feel that it has become more intense and satisfying.

The biggest advantages of using Semenax are a lot of sperm, longer orgasms, increase sexual desire, intensity of orgasm, erection, ejaculation and mighty improved fertility.

These capsules increase sperm count, motility and vitality of sperm, it certainly will affect fertility.

Semenax side effects are rare and mild and the drug is 100% safe and made exclusively from natural herbs. You will not feel any adverse reactions and will see the action within a few days.

Since Semenax capsules contain only natural ingredients it means that you avoid the following problems:

  1. No side effects
  2. No unexplored chemicals
  3. No hazardous diets
  4. No expensive devices such as extender
  5. No painful surgeries


Reviews of men, taking Semenax capsules at least for 60 days, show the following improvements:

  1. Marked increase in sperm volume
  2. Erection becomes stronger and more prolonged
  3. Increases testosterone levels
  4. Improves blood flow to the penis
  5. Ability to control erection

Semenax has no known side effects associated with it's use that I'm aware of. However, people width kidney or liver problems should be cautious when taking large amounts of vitamins and other health supplements in general. You might want to check width a doctor to be on the safe side

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